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Shimanami Kaido is already the third time, so I wanted to see the place behind it.
The area in front of Onomichi was a beautiful Japanese original scenery. There were women in Shimane 's Iinan - cho to learn Japanese culture from the same age as me in Australia. Japan is very popular now in Australia. So I started from Shimanami Kaido and this time I aim for Iinan Town in Shimane Prefecture.



Fumiko's vegetable farm 

When arriving at Iinan Town, the rice paddy field spread very beautifully. I was deeply moved by the Japanese landscape that I can not see in course of course in Australia. And I liked the vegetable field that the lady general of the inn makes.
A lodging master who is indebted, "Wild flower blooming inn, Wakabayashi" is a master of hospitality.
He put a cold tomato juice in a hot summer farm work.



Cycling in satoyama

When a pleasant farming work gets a breath, I will head by a bike to a nearby paddy field. Cycling while enjoying the scenery of the rice field a little. I was deeply moved by having time to relax like this.
Tonight's cuisine is vegetable that grew up full-organic, as well.
Fumiko is also a cook class teacher, and the taste of the dish she cooked is a taste of Japan that I can not forget now. I am surprised that the physical condition is getting better all the next day.



Cycling in satoyama

Forest of beech of broadleaved trees is spreading in Iinan Town near the Koto bullet where it is said that the gods of Izumo Taisha got down. Cycling running one after another in rice field and forest is a wonderful experience.

I found an ice cream shop at the road station. I like the original gelato using sea salt.



Cycling in satoyama

Iinan Town was a village making large linen of Izumo Taisha. I heard that dedicated rice straw is made of special fields just to make the tame rope. The beauty of this village seems to be in the background.

Iwami Kagura
Kagura in the Shimane Highlands ~飯南町の神楽 伝統継承~
 Kagura is an age-old tradition enjoyed by people all over Western Japan's Chugoku region. In this video we take a look at Iinan's very own Kagura team, and two workshops where the elaborate costumes and masks are prepared by master craftspeople. Please enjoy this short look at a traditional Japanese sacred dance! give a special thanks to Iinan Kagura Team !!



Cycling in satoyama



Japan's scenery that we envision as a favorite of Japan,
I noticed that the scenery was left in Iinan cho, Shimane prefecture. A very wonderful experience was waiting for Shimanami Kaido and the distant back of it. We are seeking charm that is not found in famous sightseeing spots.
Reprted by Robbie .