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Pedal kagoshima 

Cycling to visit the charm of Satsuma's green tea and Satsuma ware. We will visit a tea house run by a tea farmer and a Satsuma ware kiln.
When I visited the tea room, I saw flowers blooming in the adjacent tea field. The first time I saw tea flowers, they were so pretty.
Cycling through the rice fields along the Kawauchi River is a very flat and enjoyable cycling experience. While enjoying the beautiful river view, I found a tea house that caught my attention. This is a very nice tea dormitory run directly by tea farmers.
Satsuma ware from the Shinjukan kiln in Miyama, Hioki City. This is a masterpiece that enhances the tea culture of the Satsuma domain.
Sunset over the port at the mouth of the Kawauchi River, the gateway to Koshikijima.

This izakaya near Kawauchi Station is famous for its deliciously grilled dishes made from fresh fish from the East China Sea.